About Me

About Me

About Me

Sparklin’ Sal started out as a dream in 2012 that I thought would never come true.

I started making jewellery towards the end of 2010 after my family suffered a huge loss in the form of my Aunt in the June. Due to my having ME and living so far away from my family at the time, my health deteriorated and I was unable to work. While I was at home Christmas was fast approaching and I was getting more down that I couldn’t buy presents. A friend who is multi talented in crafts suggested making jewellery for the female members. So I bought in some bits and pieces, including some Swarovski components and fell in love; the sparkle, shine and cut are amazing. I made all the sets, nice and simple, bracelets, necklace and earrings and enjoyed it. I was able to ‘do’ something again which was helping to raise my mood. All presents were well received and some commented that I should sell my items. So I did (and still do).

During 2011 while I was creating the jewellery I struggled to find beads that appealed to me, but after discovering some wholesale websites I found a larger selection and started to purchase in bulk, normally ending up with lots left over. That was when Beads&Bedlam was born, supplying jewellery makers with beads, findings and some Swarovski components. Sadly I didn’t have the market for the Swarovski items so I stopped selling them. Unfortunately life again got in the way and after 2 amazing years, Beads&Bedlam closed down early 2014.

Towards the end of 2013 I discovered a new technique, Metal Hand Stamping. I knew someone who was already creating pieces with this technique and they added me to a group, which was small at the time, of ladies whose creativity spurred on my addiction. I was creating again, something I hadn’t had time to do while running Beads&Bedlam.
A member of this group found a very pretty Swarovski component and was asking in the group if anyone had seen any because they were, and still are, hard to source in the UK. I hadn’t seen them before but as soon as someone mentioned Swarovski I popped up and said that I used to sell Swarovski items, I was asked to find out more information about the item. That was over a year ago now, I have done pre orders on that certain item and I can now stock them alongside the newer items added to the catalogue.

What was that item? The Round Channels (57700) which are now available in only 12 colours. I am looking into the other other shapes though 😉

Sparklin’ Sal is always growing and will continue to grow. If you see an item you like, feel free to send me a message and I will look into getting that item in.

Much love and thanks for your custom
Sal x